– ジェフ・ベゾスは、amazon.com起業時にネット販売の対象としてなぜ最初に本を選択したのか?

資料1 Telegraphに掲載されているジェフ・ベゾスへのインタビュー記事
The company started out as a business plan, written by Bezos while still at D. E. Shaw, the Wall Street hedge fund. On the back of the plan he raised $300,000 (£191,747) and headed west with MacKenzie to start their new adventure.
The original Amazon plan was focused exclusively on books, and I expected the company to grow slowly over a large number of years. But it actually grew very quickly right from the beginning.”
Bezos then researched the top twenty mail order businesses to figure out which goods might sell well in an Internet marketplace. Software, music, videos, and clothing were all possibilities, but Bezos methodically whittled the list down to one choice – books.
When Amazon first opened its “virtual” doors in 1994, the company was on the cutting edge of the e-commerce revolution as one of the first in the world to offer goods over the Internet. Focused exclusively on book sales, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos saw e-commerce’s potential to offer a far wider range of book tides than was possible in the traditional brick-and-mortar bookstore. His business model inspired the company’s name change to Amazon, in reference to the world’s most voluminous river., Inc. (“” or the “Company”) is the leading online retailer of books. Since opening for business as “Earth’s Biggest Bookstore” in July 1995, has become one of the most widely known, used and cited commerce sites on the World Wide Web (the “Web”). strives to offer its customers compelling value through innovative use of technology, broad selection, high-quality content, a high level of customer service, competitive pricing and personalized services.
問題 現在のamazon.comは多種多様な商品を取り扱っているが、最初は書籍のみを対象としてビジネスを始めた。その理由としては、「よく知られた製品であること」、「市場が大きいこと」、「競争が激しいこと」、「仕入れが容易であること」などいくつもの要因がある。
(1) 上記に挙げた要因も含めなるべく多くの要因を列挙しなさい。
(2) 自らが列挙した要因それぞれについて、ジェフ・ベゾスの意図がわかるようにその内容をわかりやすく説明しなさい。
(3) 自分が利用した資料の出典を上記のような形式で必ず明示しなさい。用いた根拠資料の出典の明示がない場合には、採点の対象とはしないので注意すること。
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